COVID Policy

Last Updated: March 24, 2022

  • Lifting mask requirements.
  • On March 21, The Government of Ontario moved the province to the next phase of reopening with changes to the public health measures.
  • Please, stay home if you are not feeling well.

Current public health measures, City of Mississauga.

Maintaining Gym Capacity & Procedures:

To help us with crowding at the gym, we will be keeping the registration system. We ask that you kindly continue to reserve your arrival time at the gym in advance online and pay at the door.

  • Reservations are required for PUBLIC Gym Play & Party Times.
  • You are reserving for a full 2-hour gym play time slot!
  • Your reservation is for your arrival time. It is a 30 minute window for you to arrive at the gym, check-in, and pay.
  • Walk-ins are restricted and may not be accepted due to capacity restrictions.
  • We are a cashless. Debit is preferred choice of payment. Credit cards can be accepted, but will be subject to a fee.
  • Gym waivers should be completed before arriving at the gym. They can be easily completed online and it speeds up the check-in process.
  • The waiver only needs to be completed once a year and should contain your current contact information.
  • Our staff will try to remind you when your 2-hour time is over. However, kindly pay attention and leave the gym after your 2-hour time frame.
  • Socks, drinks, and snacks are available for sale, at the front desk.
  • Staff do not want to be policing. Please, cooperate to help keep the gym clean and everyone safe.
  • The gym space is set up with a focus on Balls & Nets (soccer nets, basketball nets, and a volleyball net) and provides a large space to play.
  • The Toddler Room is only for smaller children. Please respect this as a safe place for them to play.
  • Socks must be worn by EVERYONE. No bare feet, nylons, slippers or shoes of any kind.

Cleaning, Safety, and Hygiene Protocols:

We have always been a clean gym. With COVID-19 we have changed a few things:

  • There are hand sanitization stations throughout the facility.
  • All staff are fully vaccinated.
  • No gloves are allowed. Please wash your hands regularly.
  • TODDLER ROOM CHANGES: The Lego blocks have been replaced with an easy to wipe activity block and new baby saucer.
  • GYM EQUPMENT CHANGES: Ball pit has been replaced with three, easy to clean, trampolines. We do not know, at this time, when the ball pit will return. We will continue to follow public health’s recommendations for protecting the younger population.
  • No baby strollers are allowed past the shoe room. Please fold up your stroller or bring it back to your car. Please, remove any sleeping children and carry them into the gym. Any wheels (on walkers and wheelchairs) do need to be cleaned by staff before entering the facility.
  • No personal ball, toys, stuffies, dolls, mini-cards, loot-bag items, orgifts are allowed into the eating areas of the gym areas.
  • REMINDER: No food or drink in the gym areas.
  • Bathrooms, touch points, tables, and counters are wiped and cleaned regularly.
  • All gym equipment and structures are wiped and cleaned regularly.