Gym Waiver & Gym Rules

Please take your time and read this agreement very carefully.

  • What you are about to read and are required to sign is a waiver and release of liability.
  • To enter Balls of Fun, a waiver needs to be filled out once a year.
  • Since 2006, our customers have always signed a waiver to enter the gym, now the waiver is digital!

Updates related to provincial requirements can be found here: COVID Policy

  • By signing this agreement, you are signing on behalf of the listed persons, and your signature shall be considered binding upon them.
  • Upon signing it, you will give up your right to sue Balls of Fun Inc. (from here on referred to as BOF) or anyone associated with BOF such as its agents, owners, shareholders, directors, partners, employees, volunteers, manufacturers, participants, lessors, its subsidiaries, related and affiliated entities, successors and assigns (the Released Parties) for injuries or losses you might suffer while using the BOF facility, its equipment and/or its balls.
  • In short, you cannot recover any money from BOF or the Released Parties if you are hurt emotionally or physically at Balls of Fun.

Assumption of Risk:

  • By using the BOF facility, equipment and balls, you assume all risks, whether known or unknown, of injury, including death, disability, illness (including COVID-19) or damage to property. Under no circumstance will BOF take responsibility for any lost, missing, or stolen personal property, or otherwise, and no monetary compensation is possible.
  • An unqualified assumption of all risks is associated with use of this facility; There are risks, both known and unknown, in a gym environment, with balls and gym equipment, and a climbing structure with slides, including, but not limited to physical injury, emotional injury, distress, paralysis and even death. The risk of serious injury from participating at Balls of Fun Inc., although minimal, does exist, as it does at all gyms, parks, recreation centres, play places, and active settings.

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk, Covenant Not to Sue and Hold Harmless Agreement:

  • I, as used herein, include the participant as well as his or her heirs, executors, dependents, beneficiaries and assigns, including but not limited to spouses and domestic partners from suing BOF, its officers, directors, members, employees, agents or guests for any injuries including death and paralysis, or damages that a person may receive while visiting BOF.
  • I recognize that BOF could not offer this gym without obtaining a release of liability. Therefore, I release BOF and anyone associated with BOF, including without limitation its officers, directors, staff, agents, guests and their third parties as well as the released enumerated elsewhere in this document, from all liability, and knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily waive all claims, demands or causes of action of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to claims of negligence, which may arise as a result of my participation or non-participation at the BOF facility.

Code of Conduct:

  •  I agree to follow and abide by the rules set forth by BOF and to use good judgement and act in a responsible manner to ensure safety for myself, child, and those I am responsible for. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to supervise every activity of my child while in the BOF facility. I will treat the staff with respect and follow the gym and party rules that the customers are required to uphold and staff are required to reinforce.
  • I understand and will instruct my minor child/children/ward(s) that all applicable rules for participation must be followed and that at all times sole responsibility for personal safety remains with me as the parent/guardian.

Medical Decisions while on Premises:

  •  In the event the child(ren) are involved in an accident or incident that requires medical attention, I agree that I will be responsible for making all decisions related to medical and survival procedures for the child(ren) including, but not limited to, decisions about medical care, the administration of drugs, the performance of life-sustaining procedures, and transportation and admission to any hospital, health center or medical clinic.


  • If for any of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.

The laws of the Province of Ontario shall govern this Agreement.

  • I am fully aware of the content of this waiver, and I have read and understand all of the terms. The terms of this waiver bind me, my family (including but not limited to spouses and domestic partners) heirs, family, friends, peers, acquaintances, students, executors, administrators, dependents, beneficiaries, and assigns, or any of my guests that attend Balls of Fun with me, my group, or my party.

Please, read the following…

  • Our gym rules are foreveryone to help keep our gym clean and
  • Following the gym rules helps your children model your acceptance and ability to follow rules, so that your children learn to respect society and school rules.
  • Many people use our gym rules as an opportunity to teach their children how to respect and follow rules.
  • Balls of Fun Inc. is an unsupervised play space. Parents and guardians must supervise their children and their safety at all times.
  • Balls of Fun Inc. is not responsible for any injury or for any lost items. For your security, cameras are located around the gym.
  • AFTER READING THE GYM RULES, by pressing AGREE, you are indicating that you, and your minors, agree to follow the gym rules.

Our Gym Rules

  • Everyone, adults and children, are required to wear socks. The gym sells socks.
  • No bare feet, nylons, slippers, baby slippers, or indoor shoes allowed.
  • No nuts or peanuts are allowed in any food brought into the facility.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the gym areas (including drinks in coffee cups, water bottles, sippy cups, and/or baby bottles).
  • No climbing up the slides or on the structure netting, and do sit on top of the tube slides.
  • No gym balls or gym equipment allowed in the structures, ball pit, eating area or up the slides.
  • Do not bring personal balls, toys, dolls, stuffed animals, balloons, wrapped or unwrapped gifts, loot bags or loot bag items into the gym areas.
  • Our Baby & Toddler Room is for children under three years, accompanied by an adult.
  • Children over three may go into the Baby & Toddler room, if they are with a child, under three years, and an adult. *Please, let staff know if children are unsupervised.
  • There must be a supervision ratio of 1:5 (adult : children).
  • Please, be considerate; ensure that you and your children are free of illness. If you or your child are sick, you may be asked to leave the gym without a refund.
  • No popcorn, pinatas, face painting, confetti, glitter, silly string, costumes or characters.
  • Balloon animals and real animals are not allowed at the gym.
  • Parties are reserved bookings and are celebrated in the party room only.
  • Any unruly behavior, such as bullying or improper use of the equipment (ex. whipping balls at another person), will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of the person(s).
  • Balls of Fun reserves the right to refuse admittance or to ask you and your child to leave the gym if the equipment is being used improperly, if you or your child’s play is unsafe, if you or your child are disrespectful to staff or others, or if there is a refusal to follow the rules.
  • Failure to follow the Balls of Fun rules will lead to the immediate expulsion from BOF.