Our Gym

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide children with an environment that fosters essential physical and social development skills. When these skills are nurtured and practiced, children gain self-awareness and confidence to succeed during play and sport. Moreover, an enthusiasm for physical activity, created by learning necessary ball skills, encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Being Active + Being Together = Balls of Fun Inc.

About Our Gym

Front Entrance to Balls of Fun Gym

This gym and party place was founded and created by an experienced elementary and secondary teacher and mother of two children, so that you can practice some necessary ball skills with your kids. Enjoy! 

The Baby & Toddler Gym

little boy playing
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This section is for children three and under. It is geared to children developing and mastering their crawling, cruising and walking skills. The monthly ball themes, equipment and activities expose babies and toddlers to basic ball skills and ball play. This section also has a custom-made, soft-play structure and many, many balls.

Note: Older siblings can join their younger siblings to play in the Baby & Toddler Gym, but children must be closely supervised in this area.

The Big Kid Gym

balls and nets
Balls & Nets

This section gives children the chance to experience, practice and sharpen their ball skills through active play. The monthly ball themes empower children, through practice, to gain confidence in many ball activities. As well, the custom-made, soft-play structure was designed for play by both children and adults. Yes adults, at Balls of Fun you can become a big kid too! The ball pit and the many, many balls provide endless opportunities to learn ball skills.

Note: Babies and toddlers can enjoy this gym section too!

Benefits of Ball Play

  • Balls are tools that help to develop the many skills needed for play and sport.
  • At Balls of Fun children can use the many different balls and ball-focused equipment to practice rolling, bouncing, dribbling, aiming, throwing, catching, kicking, blocking, and balancing.
  • The more exposure and experience children have with balls, the more comfortable and competent they will be when handling balls for play and sport.
  • Playing at Balls of Fun allows your child to learn physical skills that are necessary for growth and development. Being active on a regular basis also teaches that being active is a lifestyle.
  • Studies show that a child who is more confident in their physical abilities brings that confidence to other subject areas in school.
  • Our children need the recommended 60 minutes of activity a day.
  • Many children still shy away from gym class and participating in front of their friends. Developing necessary physical skills (and ball skills) with your child may allow your child to feel more comfortable in front of their peers in gym class, at recess, and on sport teams.
  • Spending quality time with your child also gives you the opportunity to encourage your child through positive reinforcement when skills are developed, practiced and learned.

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Balls of Fun this Summer!

1) The Sun: Keep children out of the sun during peek intense-sun hours: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Plus, there is no sunscreen or bug repellent needed at Balls of Fun!
2) Air Conditioning: We have air conditioning! Need we say more! O.K., we also sell freezies and cold drinks!
3) Public Parks: By mid-summer, the public parks are littered with butts, glass, and graffiti, and Balls of Fun is still incredibly clean! Plus, you can play a safe game of hide and seek and tag. The facility is on camera, and kids cannot hid behind a car and scare you half to death or run too far out of reach (across the soccer field).
4) Sand: At Balls of Fun there is no sand found in your child’s diaper or in your sandwich; instead there are three family-friendly washrooms and a sand-free eating area, with a microwave.
5) Unpredictable Weather: Is it going to rain or not? So if you are meeting up with friends, make this the place to come rain or shine!
6) Wow, it is cheap to play: There is not much you can do, for an unlimited amount of time, with your kids for under $10.00, especially where adults are free. Skip the fast-food option, and pack a peanut-free sandwich and some nut-free snacks and have a picnic in our eating area . . . then play, play, play. Save more money on admission with a Multiple Visit Card!
7) Move, Move, and Move: Balls spark movement and action. So come to the ball gym to chase, kick, throw, dribble, bounce, and catch a ball. Here the ball will not roll onto the street or break a vase. Plus, we all need to be active for a recommended 60 minutes per day. So, join us for our daily active hour. Between 6:30 -7:30 p.m., you can get your child off the couch and chasing a ball for $5.00. Make it a routine. That is cheaper than any scheduled extracurricular activity, and you get to be a part of your child’s physical development and progress.
8) Camp: Balls of Fun camp is a great first camp experience for children 4-8 years of age. It is only offered in the afternoons, which keeps children out of the sun during its most intense hours. Plus, the gym camp gets kids moving as they learn a variety of sports and games that encourage team building and friendly competition. They leave happy and sweating! An afternoon camp is also perfect for parents who have an afternoon napper and one or more children who do not nap. Yes, this is the camp for your non-nappers.
9) Equipment Switches: We switch the equipment the first Monday of the month. This allows children the opportunity to use a variety of great gym equipment and many, many, balls. The two climbing structures and the large ball pit do not change.
10) Give Your Child More Confidence: Kids excel in an environment where they feel comfortable and with people who make them feel comfortable. Balls of Fun provides the perfect gym environment for you to teach your child how to play and how to have some active fun. This interaction will help to give your child more confidence to participate in gym class and on sports teams. Plus, children who are more physically confident tend to also excel in other academic subjects. It is logical; so be active together at Balls of Fun!

Gross Motor and Child Development Milestones

Gym Q & A

Since 2006, our customers have always signed a waiver to enter the gym, now the waiver is digital. Every person, over 18 years old, must sign a waiver before entering the gym, even if you or your child are not playing. You only need to sign a waiver once a year, and it only takes 1 - 5 minutes to complete.
Balls of Fun will only use your information internally to provide you with admission and party savings and to inform you about our gym themes and special events.
For health and safety reasons, we require all of our guests to wear socks on their feet at all times, past the shoe-room door. Bare feet, nylons, slippers, baby slippers, and indoor shoes are not permitted past the shoe-room door. There are big-bright signs on the floors and around the gym to remind you. We do sell socks at the gym. Please, notify us upon entry if you need to purchase socks or if your require special orthotics for medical reasons. Nylons are not acceptable. Nylons are too thin and dead skin is easily rubbed onto our carpets, and the oils from your feet penetrate the floors. For your own hygiene YOU should want to wear proper socks, and not those thin nylon socks. The rule is to help protect you, not to bother you. Slippers are also not acceptable. Slippers can be worn anywhere, and staff cannot be subjective about where your slippers have been worn or how often you wash your slippers. However, we hope you wash your socks. If you get cold feet easily, then just wear warmer socks or double-up on your socks. Please, wear your SOCKS at all times. 
No, you may not wear your shoes in the bathroom. We are a socks only facility, and this rule also applies to our bathrooms. There are many contaminants on the bottom of your shoes, and we do not want those contaminants tracked back to the gym on people’s socks. If the bathroom floor is dirty, or wet, please let staff know. We all want clean bathrooms. Our staff also uses our washrooms.
Yes, we have three baby-change tables at the gym. There is one table in each washroom. Please, do not change your baby’s diaper, or clothing, on our gym mats, counters, or tables.
In 2006, the blow-dryers that are currently in the bathrooms were good quality at the time. They are still good, but they are not as powerful as the hand driers on the market these days. So, many people fling their wet hands to dry them, splattering the floor with water. We do not put paper towels in the bathrooms, because many little people go to the bathroom by themselves at the gym, and they may put the paper towel down the toilet and clog up our toilets. We do need our toilets. That is why there is only brown paper towel in the eating area.
Please, do not come to the gym if you or your child are sick. Staff are not health professionals, and they do not need to put their health in jeopardy. We do have a procedure to follow if someone is sick, or has a bathroom accident. We ask that parents clean up after their sick child or if their child has an accident. Staff will zone off the area, and staff are required to wear a mask and gloves and to clean and disinfect the contaminated area. If your child is sick at the gym, you will be asked to leave the gym without a refund, as staff will need to spend some time disinfecting the area and the gym. Also, we do not want staff, or customers, to get ill or to think that your child may be sick again at the gym.
There is a fee for anyone entering the facility, regardless of whether they will be using the equipment or not. We are unable to monitor specific children or adults, and loitering is not permitted.
A baby 11 months (or younger) is FREE and not included in our gym capacity numbers.
*This is currently paused* We change our gym equipment and balls monthly to help children learn and practice different skills. We have six different monthly Ball & Gym Themes. The ball and gym equipment change also helps children realize that environments can change and still be fun. The different “Ball & Gym Themes” give parents, and their children, the opportunity to learn, practice, and focus on different ball skills.