School & Group Trips

About Our Group Trips

  • It is a safe and clean environment.
  • Teachers and supervisors can watch and play with the children in a secure environment.
  • The gym is on camera.
  • It is about 7,000 square feet of space for the kids to play, run, climb and practice ball skills with great gym equipment and tons of balls.
  • We change our equipment monthly, giving your group exposure and practice with different balls and gym equipment.
  • Teachers can play organized ball or gym games with students or just have the kids play and socialize together in an active gym environment.
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Our School & Group Trips are for organized groups, schools, camps, and daycares.

  • Please, give us a call to book a group visit today or book your trip on-line!


  • Group rates are only available Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • No group rates are available on the weekends.
  • $100 deposit needed to book a time slot.
  • $7.00 per child + tax
  • Party Room(s) are FREE to enjoy snacks, drinks, or lunch.
  • Max three hour visit. Every extra 30 minutes $50.00
  • Gym Waiver Required: Parents must fill out the waiver for their child, on-line, prior to the group trip.
  • The School / Group can also elect to fill out a group waiver, with a list of the children attending.
  • We can order Domino’s pizza for your group: $20.00 for a large, 10 slice pizza.
  • Children may also bring money for snacks and drinks to buy at the gym: $1.50 a drink / $1.00 a snack.
  • 20 children minimum – 150 children max.
  • Please, read the gym rules and the gym questions & answers before booking.
  • The trip balance can be paid by cash, debit, visa, or company cheque, the day of the school / group visit.
Gym Waiver and Gym Rules
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