PRIVATE BALL PARTY (2.5 hour party)  

Tuesday – Thursday: $649 + tax

Friday – Sunday: $749 + tax

Party Time Slots: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM (2.5 hours)

A Private Party Package Includes:

  • Up to 30 people.
  • Each extra person $7.99 (max 100 people).
  • Up to 30 people (Includes children and adults).
  • Two Party Hosts to help welcome guests, organize, and clean.
  • Private Large Party Room and Large Eating Area.
  • Private Gym Areas, Balls, Gym Equipment and Structures.
  • The Toddler Room is for children under 3 years.
  • 30 Drinks (juice boxes and/or water bottles) (each extra drink $1.50 each).
  • 3 Large Dominos Pizzas (30 slices) (each extra pizza $20.00).
  • Carafe of Coffee and Tea (with cups, cream, milk, and sugar).
  • On-Line Party Invitations (with gym waiver link).


  • $150 deposit needed to book. The party balance is due, during the last.
  • 30 minutes of the party, and paid by debit ONLY.
  • Socks are mandatory for everyone.
  • Masks are regulated by the party parent. Masks are not mandatory for a Private Party.
  • You may also bring or order your own food and drinks.
  • No nuts or peanuts in any food.
  • You may add on a DQ cake.
  • Babies, under 11 months, are FREE (and not included in the numbers).
  • The birthday child is included in the numbers.

LARGE BALL PARTY (2 hour party)  

Tuesday – Sunday: $299 + tax

Party Room Time Slots: 10:00 AM // 1:00 PM // 4:00 PM

A Large Ball Party Room Package Includes:

  • Up to 20 People Max (includes children and adults).
  • A Two Hour Party
  • Shared Gym Space
  • A Private Party Room (Room #2)
  • Share Party Hosts to help clean after the party.
  • One Carafe of Coffee and Tea.
  • On-Line Party Invitations (with gym waiver link).
  • You may bring your own nut and peanut free food and cake. You may also order pizza and a DQ Cake under the “Party Extras” section. Pizza cannot be added for a 10 a.m. party.
  • Cannot book extra party room time nor have more than 20 people for the party.
  • STAY & PLAY: This is based on gym capacity at the time of your party, and cannot be added to the 4:00p.m. party. So, depending on capacity, you may be able to play at the gym longer, for $7.99 per person. If you Stay & Play, the party room still needs to be emptied. Party items cannot be brought into the eating area, while we are open to the public.


1) Choose your Party Package, Date, and Time.

2) Choose your Party Extras, for the estimated party cost.

3) Fill in your e-mail to prompt the Waiver Form.

4) Read our Frequently Asked Party Questions.

5) Read and AGREE to our Party Terms & Conditions.

4) Please, pay $150 deposit for a Private Party.

5) The party/rental balance is due, during the last 30 min. of the party, and paid by debit ONLY.

Party Waiver Note:
• You need to fill in and sign the gym waiver to book the party.
• You need to AGREE to our Party Terms & Conditions.
• The gym waiver only needs to be filled out once a year, and each waiver can include up to five children.
• Many parents coming to the party may already have a waiver at the gym.
• Please, ask the parents to sign the gym waiver for their child as soon as possible.
• One week prior to the party, please contact the gym to confirm your party attendance and waivers.
• Parents can also fill out a waiver for their child at the gym, when they drop their child off for the party.
• The waiver is simple and takes 1-5 minutes to fill out.
Last Minute Party Bookings:
To book a last minute group or party, please call our gym and party coordinator at (905)828-4386 or e-mail


Large Dominos Cheese Pizza (10 slices) $20.00
Large Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza (10 slices) $20.00
Extra Toppings on Cheese Pizza $3.00 each topping

Extra Apple Juice Box $1.50
Extra Punch Box $1.50
Water Bottle $1.50

DQ Cakes:
8” Round DQ Cake (serves 10-12) $38.00
10” Round DQ Cake (serves 13-20) $41.00
10” X 14” DQ Sheet Cake (serves 21-30) $50.00
Table extras:
20 White Plates $4.00
20 White Napkins $4.00
20 Forks $4.00
20 Spoons $4.00
Age Candle $3.00

More information about our party packages:

  • A Balls of Fun Party is an organized 2 or 2.5 hour party.
  • A party host will help with the flow of the party and clean up after the party.
  • The party host does not serve food, juice, or cake.
  • Pizza, juice, cake and party extras can be added to any party package.
  • Party supplies are not included in the party package (utensils, plates, napkins).
  • You may also bring your own nut-free and peanut-free food.
  • You and your guests may arrive up to ten minutes before the party time.
  • Please, ensure that you and your guests leave the party room and the gym on time.
  • A charge of $25.00, per 15 minute, beyond scheduled room time, may apply.
  • Everyone must wear socks: No slippers, nylons, baby shoes, indoor shoes, or bare feet. Please, wear two pairs of socks for cold feet. You may wish to bring a few pairs of extra socks for any guests who come to the party wearing nylons or come without socks. We do sell socks at the gym.
  • The party balance is due, during the last 30 minutes of the party, and paid by cash or debit ONLY.

Party Q & A

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled party time. If you arrive earlier, you may be asked to wait in the front until the party room is ready.
Yes, you may bring in your own food. No nuts or peanuts are allowed. We also do not love fish, eggs, or rice. Fish and eggs smell, and rice sticks easily to socks.
The Party Host will greet you and your guests and go over the organization for the party. The host will sign in your guests and direct them to the party room and gym areas. The host will help set up your party room and clean up after the party. The host will make announcements for the pizza and cake and help with the timing and flow of the party. The party host will help with the loot bags, go over bill payment, and remind you when there is about ten minutes left in your party time.
The Party Host does not serve the food, drinks or cake because many parties bring additional food. Also, many parents at the party want to help serve the children, because many young children have specific dietary, food, and drink needs or preferences.
The pizza is ordered from Domino’s Pizza
The pizza will come for your party 30-45 minutes into your party time. We do have pizza bags, to keep the pizza warm, if you are not ready to eat when the pizza arrives.
Yes, you may order more pizza and you may order additional toppings. For any changes to your party or pizza order, please send us an e-mail a week prior to your booked party date.
Yes, you may have food delivered and catered, as long as there are no nuts or peanuts in the food ingredients. You must also attend to your food delivery, at the front entrance, when your food arrives.
Pizza places normally open at 11 a.m. By the time they make and deliver the pizza, it may only get to the gym by 11:45 a.m., and the first-party slots are over by noon. Therefore, $50.00 is removed from the first party-time-slot packages.
We ask that you pay the party balance during the last 30 minutes of your party, so that all items and guests are included in the accounting. We ask that the balance of the party be paid by cash or debit. $6.00, fully disclosed, “Convenience Fee” will be added to the bill, if credit is used.
The gym theme changes monthly. Please, look at the gym themes, under the “Our Gym” Tab, on our website, to see what Ball & Gym Theme will be on the floor for your party. The gym themes are normally changed the first Monday of the month and are indicated on our Gym Calendar (located at the bottom of our website). The gym theme, and specific balls or equipment, cannot be changed or brought onto the gym floor for your party. **The gym space is set up with a focus on Balls & Nets (soccer nets, basketball nets, and a volleyball net). This gym equipment is great for learning ball skills and easy to keep clean.**
Yes, you may invite children older than eight to a party. Children 12 years and younger are included in the child attendance numbers. Teens and adults (13+) are included in the adult numbers.
Age eight is the oldest birthday party that we host at the gym.
No, you may host any type of party at the gym: A Team Party, a Corporate Party, a Baby Shower Party, a Religious Party, a Christmas Party, a Fundraising Party, a School Party, or a Just Because Party.
There are three options, if you would like a party longer than two hours: 1) Stay & Play: The “Stay & Play” option is $5.00 per child, and includes up two adults. This option is for after the party room time. The party room needs to be cleared out, but you and your guests may “Stay & Play” in the gym area. Please, bring your party items and gifts to your car (not to the eating area), if you plan on staying at the gym with your guests after your party. 2) Book the last party time slot. You may extend the last party time slot to give you more time in the party room and the gym area. You may also extend a “Non-Private Party” into a “Private Party” until 9:00 p.m. 3) Book a private party. You may extend a private party until 9:00 p.m.
Our gym is 7,000 square feet. We are open to the public, and we do have two party rooms. So, up to two parties can be celebrating at one time, unless you book a Private Party.
The tables and chairs are set for the number of children attending the party. Adults may use the chairs that are not used by the children. Adults may also use the some of the eating area space, if space is tight in the party room. No food or drinks are allowed in the gym areas (carpeted areas).
Utensils, plates and napkins are not included in the party package, because may people bring extra food. Many parents also want certain tableware colours or themes. We do sell white utensils, plates, and napkins.
A Dairy Queen cake is an ice cream cake. We only order the original DQ ice cream cake. This cake has a bottom layer of chocolate ice cream, a layer of fudge, a layer of chocolate cookie crumble, a layer of vanilla ice cream, and then it is topped with a layer of vanilla icing. When you order the cake with us, you may include a birthday message and a picture or theme to decorate the cake. The original Dairy Queen cake does not have nuts, but Dairy Queen does have nuts in their facility. So, you may order your own nut-free cake, from a nut-free facility. BOFcakes (1) (1)
Please, do not open gifts or loot bags in the party rooms, eating area, or gym areas. The gym does not have garbage space for gift wrap and packaging, and small pieces may be thrown out by mistake. It is also easy to lose track of who gave what gift, and many children and parents compare gifts. Many children may also be upset that they do not own a gift or toy they see at the gym. Many children will also want to bring the gift or loot bag item into the gym area, and that can be a safety concern for your guests and our customers.
Popcorn is very messy and is a choking hazard. Piñatas can be dangerous. Face painting, confetti, glitter, and silly string are too messy and can stain the balls and equipment. Real animals and balloon animals are not allowed at the gym. The balloon pieces can be choking hazards, and animals can set off unknow allergies in children. Costumes are normally hot and not safe when being active. Characters cannot join your party when we are open to the public, because the “public” may not react to your character with open arms. However, a private party may have a dress-up “character” at the gym.

Party Terms and Conditions

  • You must AGREE to our Party Terms and Conditions before booking a party at Balls of Fun.
  • Please, read and inform yourself on all of the information, rules, questions and answers available on our website. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us.
  • It is your responsibility to read, understand, and have your guests follow our party and gym rules.
  • A non-refundable party deposit of $150.00 (for a Private Party or Rental) is needed.
  • Party deposits are non-refundable but can be rebooked.
  • All party guests need to sign and submit a gym waiver.
  • The balance of the party is paid by debit ONLY, within the last 30 minutes of your party. A $6.00 charge will be added to the bill, if credit is used.
  • A Balls of Fun Party is a two- or three-hour party, depending on the party time slot you choose.
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of the party will be responsible for the balance of the party package.
  • If the party date needs to be changed, another $100.00 needs to be made to change the time and date, but both party deposits will go toward the party balance. Please, e-mail the gym to change the date or time.
  • Please, arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the party.
  • The Party Host will greet you and your guests and help with the flow and organization of the party and clean up after the party.
  • Party Parent(s) are responsible for monitoring masks for their private party.
  • When you arrive, place your party items on the silver cart, to the left of the entrance.
  • Your Party Host will bring the cart to your party room (or the eating area, for a private party).
  • Decorations can ONLY be hung with painter’s tape in the party room. Please, ask staff for tape before hanging any decorations.
  • Loot bags and presents are placed in the party room cupboards and are not opened while at the party.
  • Please, make sure you check the cupboards before you leave the party.
  • The pizza is scheduled for certain delivery times. The Party Host will inform you when your pizza arrives and make announcements for the children to enjoy the pizza and cake.
  • A 10% tip is placed on the final party bill. If you would like to give less or more than 10%, please inform the person when paying the balance of the party bill.
  • Up to three babies (under 11 months) are free, per package, and are not included in the number count.
  • The birthday child is included in the attendance count.
  • Be prepared to tidy up ten minutes before the party end time. Any time taken beyond your scheduled room time will result in a $25 charge, per 15 minutes.
  • Please, supply the necessary tableware for the party.
  • The gym theme cannot be changed for your party, nor can specific gym equipment or balls be brought onto the gym floor for a party. We have set monthly gym themes.
  • Please, bring a knife (to cut and serve the cake), candles, and a lighter.
  • You may bring your own food and drinks for the party. No nuts or peanuts are allowed.
  • A $20 fine will be charged if food or drinks, from the party, are brought into the gym areas (carpeted areas).
  • Please, inform staff of any food deliveries, and be prepared to get your order at the entrance.
  • Helium balloons are not permitted in the main eating area or gym areas.
  • No candies, gummies, lollipops, or popcorn as they are choking hazards for active children.
  • No piñatas, glitter, confetti, costumes, characters, face painting, animals, or balloon making.
  • Characters are permitted for Private Parties ONLY.
  • No glass or breakable dinner wear. No hot burners or warming plates.
  • No electrical devices such as kettles, crock pots, or griddles.
  • Do not place coolers or heavy items on the counters or tables.
  • No personal balls, toys, gifts, loot bags, or loot bag items are allowed in the eating area or gym areas. Little parts can get lost or be chocking, tripping, or propelling hazards.
  • No smoking, alcohol, or drug use in the facility.
  • Unused items in party packages are not discounted or substituted.
  • Socks must be worn by adults and children. Socks are available for purchase. No bare feet, indoor shoes, slippers, or nylons permitted.